Restaurant: Red Lime Shack

Red Lime Shack is a vegan café in Port Adelaide. Set on a main street the café is large, airy and filled with art. The furniture was the usual assortment of random op shop finds and it looks lovely. Red Lime does breakfast (I’ve heard great things about their waffles) and lunch with an assortment of smoothies, burgers and the usual fare.

I ordered a BerryRipe smoothie and the Walnut, Sage and Carrot burger.


BerryRipe smoothie

The smoothie was fabulous. Thick and creamy, it was just plain yummy. It had a perfect balance between the sweetness of the banana and the tartness and flavour of the berries. Too bad that perfect balance didn’t carry over to the burger…


Walnut, Sage and Carrot burger

When the burger was delivered to my table I was excited. It looked delicious. I picked it up and felt the soft , warm bun and I took a bite… and was confronted with a sourness that permeated the entire burger. A combination of the mustard and the tahini mayonnaise (WAY too much lemon juice) had completely overwhelmed all the other flavours. The burger patty itself had a nice texture but lacked flavour, the salad was fresh and the bun was lovely. I was hungry so I ate it all but I was definitely not happy with it.

Food: Disappointing. However based on what I’ve heard from others I’m hoping I just got a bad batch of the mayo. Smoothie was awesome. 2.5/5

Setting: Quirky but nice. The size of the main room made the eclectic furniture work well. 4/5

Service: Polite, quiet. Basic but not uncomfortable. I didn’t even mind the loud conversation I overheard about the placement of items in the freezer. 3/5

Overall: Slightly disappointed however I will attempt to return to try the waffles. Good to see a wholly vegan restaurant outside of the CBD. 3/5

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Product: Sanitarium Vege Delights Not Burgers

Sanitarium, who are better known for making cereal’s like Wheat Bix, also make vegetarian foods. Some are vegan and some aren’t mostly due to the use of egg white as a binder in items like their bacon style slices.

One of their vegan products is the Not Burger, a chicken style burger found in the freezer aisle of most supermarkets. I picked these up on special for under $3 at Coles a few months ago.


The old packaging

4 good size burgers to a pack these are quite good value. The burgers are coated in a bread crumb mix which contains whole sesame seeds which was a pleasant surprise. They hold together well when cooking. i tried both pan frying and baking.


The burgers (frozen)

TextureVery good. The outside isn’t as crispy as they could be, but that may be due to my cooking temperature. The texture of the insides is reminiscent of the standard processed chicken burgers you get everywhere. 4/5

Flavor: Not so good. Again it is very much like the flavor of processed chicken but the flavor is mild and easily overpowered. 2/5


Ready to eat

Overall: Reasonably priced even when not in a special and easy to find but there are other brands that do the same thing with better flavor. 2/5