Product: Vitasoy Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Oat Milk


I seriously have little kid hands / The packaging.

This product is the latest in Vitasoy’s range of vegan friendly options and it’s pretty good. Sold only at Coles (at least that’s the only place I’ve seen it). Pop it in the fridge and it’s there when you need a yummy sugar hit.

Texture: One problem with oat milk is that no matter how much you filter it it will always be grainy. 3/5

Flavor: Pretty darn good. Not too sweet and the cinnamon is just right a well. Plus being an oat based product you don’t get the aftertaste like you would with soy or rice milks. 5/5

Overall: I like this product, however there is one problem: the price. At $4+ for three 250ml serves it’s a little steep. It’s also not readily available so you may have to hunt around for it. That said it is worth it. 4/5