Product: Lamyong Mushroom Vegetable Bun


The packaging

Lamyong is a Sydney based Asian food company the specialises in vegetarian and vegan products. Their products can be found at any Asian store in with the Kim Wang Asian Grocery in Chinatown having the biggest range. The products are stamped with a vegan registered symbol but there are a few items that are not vegan so keep an eye out.So I picked up a pack of the mushroom vegetable buns at an Asian supermarket in the northern suburbs and I couldn’t wait to try them. I’m a big fan of steamed buns. Microwave for 2 to 3 minutes in a sandwich bag or container and your ready.


The bun (frozen)

Firstly can someone tell me what the point of the bits of paper stuck onto the bottom is? (Okay I know it’s to stop the bun sticking to the steamer), when microwaved it just sticks to the bun and you lose some of the bottom trying to get it off.


The filling

Texture: Not bad. The dough was fluffy and the filling was all right but not perfect: too much cabbage. 4/5

Flavour: Not too bad. It had an okay mushroom flavour, mostly shiitake, but the primary flavour was unfortunate pepper. 2.5/5

Overall: Not a bad effort but could have been better. 3/5

Product: Sanitarium Vege Delights Not Burgers

Sanitarium, who are better known for making cereal’s like Wheat Bix, also make vegetarian foods. Some are vegan and some aren’t mostly due to the use of egg white as a binder in items like their bacon style slices.

One of their vegan products is the Not Burger, a chicken style burger found in the freezer aisle of most supermarkets. I picked these up on special for under $3 at Coles a few months ago.


The old packaging

4 good size burgers to a pack these are quite good value. The burgers are coated in a bread crumb mix which contains whole sesame seeds which was a pleasant surprise. They hold together well when cooking. i tried both pan frying and baking.


The burgers (frozen)

TextureVery good. The outside isn’t as crispy as they could be, but that may be due to my cooking temperature. The texture of the insides is reminiscent of the standard processed chicken burgers you get everywhere. 4/5

Flavor: Not so good. Again it is very much like the flavor of processed chicken but the flavor is mild and easily overpowered. 2/5


Ready to eat

Overall: Reasonably priced even when not in a special and easy to find but there are other brands that do the same thing with better flavor. 2/5

Product: Vege Deli Quarter Pounders

Vege Deli is one of the many brands made by the Redwood company, better known for their range of Cheezly cheese substitutes and their Cheatin’ “bacon” slices. Vege Deli is Redwood’s gourmet label so I was expecting something special.




The burger (frozen)

They can be a little on the expensive side so I haven’t tried them before. I managed to pick up a pack of these on discount last week and I’ve just cooked one of them up.

Texture: Perfect. Crumbly and just like real ground beef. Looks like it too. 5/5

Flavor: Disappointing. The burger tasted okay by itself, but nothing special. Mild flavor, a vague beefiness. When put with other flavors however the burger completely disappears. Which is particularly surprising given how large the burger is. 1/5


My food styling is terrible

Overall: Mock meats are often a choice between realistic texture and realistic flavor and the quarter pounders have definitely gone down the texture route. For the price they are they’re just not worth it. I wouldn’t buy these again. 2/5

Product: Tofutti

Tofutti is an American based vegan company specializing in mock dairy products. They are special as you can find at least one of their products in almost every Coles and Woolworths supermarket in Australia.

Better Than Cream Cheese.


The old packaging style

This is the product most readily available, look for it next to the dairy cream cheese in any supermarket.

Texture: Smooth and creamy, absolutely

flawless. On a side not the color is almost blindingly white, it’s quite disconcerting. 4/5

Flavor: This was the first cheese substitute I ever tasted. Being a big lover of cream cheeses I had high expectations, which were not met. On first taste was surprised to find that instead of being salty it was in fact slightly sweet. Very odd. However unlike the Sheese product it it not over powering and has none of the odd scent. Only slightly cheese it works well as a creamy element to sandwiches. 3/5

Overall: Not amazing, but certainly the best cream cheese substitute I’ve found so far. I’m told it works well as part of cake icing and cheesecakes, but I am yet to try it out. It’s also well priced and as previously stated readily available. 4/5

American style soy cheese slices.


Very bright but no necessarily easy to find amoungst the dairy

The second most readily available Tofutti product. Can be found in some Woolworths hidden among the cheese slices or occasionally near the tofu.

Texture: Not great. when first taken out of the individual wrapping the slices greasy and floppy. Not particularly nice. When eaten the slices have the usual curdled texture that mos

t mock cheeses have. 2/5

Flavor: Again not particularly nice. they have a strong soy taste and while they are cheesy it’s not an entirely pleasant flavor. I had to remove the cheese from a cheese and tomato sandwich because the taste was so uncomfortable. Best eaten with strong flavors like pickle or tinned spaghetti. 2/5

Overall: Not good. The only reason I would buy this again would be if I had no other access to any other cheese substitutes. 2/5

Mini ravioli.

download (4)

Oddly packaged in a cardboard box

Pasta filled with Tofutti Better Than Ricotta.

Texture: Fine. The filling is creamy, the pasta is okay but not spectacular. The pasta is a little thick as well. 4/5

Flavor: Not so nice. The ricotta suffers from the same issues as the cream cheese. Too sweet. Even with a strong tomato sauce you can’t escape the sugary filling, it’s like eating dessert and dinner in the same mouthful. I’ve only tried the mini’s but I can’t imagine what the regular size taste like. 1/5

Overall: Not something I’d eat again, I’d suggest that the Better Than Ricotta product should only be used for desserts. 1/5

download (3)

The packaging

Sour Supreme.

Definitely my favorite Tofutti product so far. Unfortunately is hard to find. I Adelaide it’s only available at Everything Vegan and sometimes at Bliss Organic.

Texture: Slightly grainy but not overly unpleasant. 4/5

Flavor: Has a definite soy taste but it’s not too strong, could be a bit more sour but otherwise is a good substitute for its dairy equivalent. 4/5

Overall: Great. Goes well with burritos and nachos. 4/5

So Tofutti has some good and some not so good products and there’s a whole lot more out there for me to try. I really want to have a go at some of their ice creams but they’re so darned expensive!

Product: Vitasoy Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Oat Milk


I seriously have little kid hands / The packaging.

This product is the latest in Vitasoy’s range of vegan friendly options and it’s pretty good. Sold only at Coles (at least that’s the only place I’ve seen it). Pop it in the fridge and it’s there when you need a yummy sugar hit.

Texture: One problem with oat milk is that no matter how much you filter it it will always be grainy. 3/5

Flavor: Pretty darn good. Not too sweet and the cinnamon is just right a well. Plus being an oat based product you don’t get the aftertaste like you would with soy or rice milks. 5/5

Overall: I like this product, however there is one problem: the price. At $4+ for three 250ml serves it’s a little steep. It’s also not readily available so you may have to hunt around for it. That said it is worth it. 4/5

Product: Sheese

Sheese is a range of vegan cheese substitute made by Scottish company Bute Island Foods. Their products are not easily available in Australia and can be a tad expensive but they can be worth it. In Adelaide you can find them at Everything Vegan and a couple of Foodland supermarkets (I’ve seen them at Henley Beach and Norwood.)

So far I’ve only tried two products one good, one not so good.

The good: Blue Style Sheese.

download (2)

The packaging

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product having had some bad experiences with cheese substitutes previously. I chose blue style because I assumed it would have a stronger flavor. I certainly didn’t expect it to actually taste like blue cheese!

Sold as a melty cheese but as I never actually tried to melt it I can’t comment on this claim I’ll let you know. You don’t need much to make an impact and it lasts in the fridge. Can also be frozen, though this will effect the texture.


The cheese

Texture: Smooth and hard, but crumbles when you cut it, which can be slightly annoying. 3/5

Flavor: Tastes like blue cheese. Not over powering. Has a soy aftertaste, but that’s only noticeable if you’re eating it by itself and it’s not too bad anyway. 4/5

Overall: Very good! A perfect cheese for sandwiches. 4/5

The not so good: Original Creamy Sheese.


Cream cheese package

Finding a good vegan cream cheese can be hard. After my great experience with the blue style Sheese I was expecting great things from this product and was sorely disappointed. At first opening it was struck with a scent that reminded me strongly of cheap caramel lollies. Not a good start.

Texture: Smooth-ish, a tad gritty. 3/5

Flavor: Has some cheesy flavor, but is over powered by the sweetness. The caramel smell continues into a slight flavor. Not great for sandwiches or by itself May be good for desserts, but at the price, why bother. 1/5

Overall: Not good. I wouldn’t bother buying it again. I may in the future try one of the other flavors in Sheese’s creamy range, but I’m not hopeful for a better outcome. A real letdown after their success with hard cheese’s. 2/5

Product: Lamyong Vegan Fishball

Lamyong is an Asian brand who make many vegetarian and vegan fake meat products. They are based in Sydney, Australia.


The packet


The ball

So I tried the vegan fishball a few days ago and it was okay. The first time I used it I placed them in my soup whole. This was a mistake. The second time I cut the fishball into slices and this was much better. On a side note, due to the texture of the product, they can be easily cut up straight from the freezer.

Texture: Smooth with a bit of bite. When eaten whole not entirely pleasant. 2/5

Flavor: Sweet, mild flavor that has no connection with any fish whatsoever. So basically it tastes like a regular fishball. There is however a bit of soy aftertaste which like the texture is better when chopped into smaller pieces. 3/5

Overall: Not great, but not terrible. Not something I would usually eat anyway but I’d have it again. 3/5