Buisiness: The Fakery Bakery

The Fakery Bakery is an Adelaide based business that specialize in vegan baked goods. The Bakery’s main product is cupcakes, available from a number of different retailers, they also attend many markets to sell their wares.. See their Facebook for more details.

On top of stocking these eateries the Bakery also makes cupcakes and full sized cakes to order.


A custom birthday cake

However In my opinion the best place to get the goods is at the various markets where Emma (the owner and baker) sets up shop. Her stall is always adorable, there’s a wide range of cakes, scrolls and various other yummies. But the real reason to visit the Bakery’s stall it Emma. She’s absolutely lovely, always willing to chat and has a good memory for her regular customers.


Market stall

Now onto the food.

The Sweet:


Mmm cupcakes!

Now I have tried quite a few of Emma’s cupcakes and they’re generally a pretty good. The cake itself is usually a quite crumbly, but that’s something that happens when you use egg replacers. The icings are beautiful, Emma has a real talent for color and decoration.  The icing flavors can be great, but it depends on what you’re eating. My favorite so far has been the musk stick icing, however on the tutti-frutti I had today the icing was far too sweet.

My favorite cupcake so far was the very first one I has; spiced apple. The worst was the banana split because the banana element was those fake banana lollies which I have always hated. My mistake really.

The Savory:


Vegan quiche

I’ve tried 2 of the Bakery’s savory offerings so far. The quiche (above) was pretty good. It was quite mild in flavor, probably because vegan cheese and vegan bacon don’t generally have the same potency as their counterparts. The pastry was nothing spectacular though.

I’ve also had the pizza scrolls and they were a bit of a letdown. The dough was pretty tasteless and there was too many olives, though that may just be me, i think any olive is too much.

So you should take a look at their Facebook page and like it too because Emma likes to run competitions when her likes reach milestones. Not to mention you’ll know when to find her next at a market near you.