Restaurant: HypnoTHAIzed

HypnotTHAIzed is a small Thai cuisine restaurant in Henley Beach South. The Adelaide Vegans group chose to dine there for our latest Friday night dinner. Firstly I have to say that some of our group found the restaurant rather hard to find as there are two 43 Henley Beach Roads and the restaurant lists it suburb as Adelaide on their Facebook we had people going to the address near the city rather than the coast.

The restaurant itself is quite small. Squashed rather than cosy. The interior is very high spec with lots of mirrors and lights (yet still quite dark) and its very pretty.

We were approached by the owners daughter who was very enthusiastic about the food and the restaurant. She explained to us that anything on the menu that says vegetarian can be made vegan (except the laksa) as well as a couple of the meat dishes. She also told us about the vegan desserts available; supplied by The Vegan Tart. I ordered a Tom Kha and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart.


Vegan Tom Kha

Tom Kha is a hot and sour soup with coconut milk. I ordered my soup mild so it wasn’t hot but unfortunately it also wasn’t sour. It was sweet, dessert sweet. I tasted some of my fellow dinners dishes and they were also overly sugary. Perhaps the removal of the fish sauce for the vegan versions altered the balance? The vegetables in my soup were cut far too large which made it hard to eat. The soup also had quite a lot of woody, inedible chunks of lemongrass. The menu description for the Tom Kha mentions cherry tomatoes and mushrooms; I had one of each.


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tart

The tart was excellent. The base tasted like butternut biscuits and the chocolate and peanut butter layers were perfectly balanced. However am number of my dining companions were not as happy with their desserts. At the start of the we were told of a vegan peanut butter cheesecake, which most of the table ordered. As the dessert were coming out we were told that upon cutting into the cake it was discovered that it was in fact a chocolate mudcake with peanut butter icing. (How they didn’t realise the difference before cutting is beyond me as mudcake and cheesecake are a rather different shape.) Anyway the mudcake was tasty but a bit of a let down.

We overheard one of the waitresses and a couple having a conversation making fun of vegans. It appeared to us that the waitress was joining in on the vegan bashing and knew full well that we could hear; however we have since been informed by management that she was telling the couple off but it didn’t appear that way to us.

Food: My main was unbalanced and overly sweet. The dessert was yum, but that wasn’t made by the restaurant. 2/5

Service: The owner and his daughter were great. 2/5

Setting: Very nice to look at but very cramped. Also too dark. 2.5/5

Overall: We felt insulted by what we viewed at the time as anti-vegan sentiments from the waitress and the food wasn’t that great. I personally won’t be coming here again. 2/5

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