Restaurant: Vego and Lovin’ It

Vego and Lovin’ It is a quirky little vegan place hidden behind a bright yellow door fame and then up a steep narrow flight of stairs off Rundle St in the CBD. The place is tiny! Lots of random 70’s op shop furniture crammed in and an even randomer (it’s a word if I say it’s a word) bunch of stuff on the walls. Also on the walls is the menu. A bunch of burgers, soup, a few drinks. Most things can be made gluten free (if they’ve remembered to buy the bread). There are never any specials though the soup will occasionally change if the owner feels like something different. Actually the owners whims seem to run this place; he’s well known for being eccentric. Closing early or not opening at all. Limiting customer numbers for no apparent reason. Whether or not the owner is in an odd mood it’s pretty hard to get a table here during rush hour, it gets packed out with people hanging out in the stairwell waiting for a seat or two to be free. Best to go early or late.

I’ve been here a few times and have tried a number of different things. All quite yummy and massive serves! They offer half serves for a very good reason. Only order a full size burger if you have a massive appetite and some Tupperware in hand for what you were unable to finish.


The full Mexican Burger

The Mexican burger is awesome. The “cheesy” sauce is awesome even if it does make the burger rather messy to eat. You can get it with mild, sweet or hot chilli sauce, but beware, if you’re chilli sensitive there is chilli in the patty as well. The bun is a dark rye (my favourite) with a little nuttalex which is yum, the patty is… something? All the patties are an unidentifiable homemade mix of beans and other stuff but they taste frinckin’ amazing.


Half Gourmet Tofu Burger

The Gourmet Tofu Burger was interesting. The patty was the usual unidentifiable yumminess with the added bonus of random chunks of tofu. The salad (lots of salad!) was fresh and the sauces were… interesting. The so called tomato relish was overpowering and tasted like cheap store bought salsa. The olive tapenade was surprisingly delicious. I really not a fan of olive and was dreading the tapenade but it tasted excellent more garlic than olive.


Chocolate, Apricot and Banana Smoothie

Vego has a few drink options. Tea, instant coffee, fresh squeezed juices (yum! Perfectly balanced goodness). Then there’s the smoothies. Soy based with limited options (chocolate, carob, mango, banana, apricot. This time I had Chocolate, Apricot and Banana. It was good, nice and thick, but could have used a little more apricot.

Food: Overall very good. Great serving sizes but sometimes brought down by store bought condiments. 4/5

Service: Friendly, polite but nothing special. 3/5

Setting: A bit mental. Every time you go here you’ll discover something new, just don’t look at it too hard or it’ll warp your brain. Also the steep stairs are a bit awkward for someone with nervousness about stairs. 3.5/5

Overall: I love this place. It’s quirky, reasonably priced and thy have good food. What’s not to love? 4/5

Vego & Love'n It on Urbanspoon

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