Restaurant: Argo on the Square

Argo is a trendy café with 2 locations in the Adelaide area; Victoria Square in the CBD and The Parade in Norwood. The cafe’s are very vegan friendly with a separate vegan breakfast menu. Annoyingly the vegan options on the lunch menu (on the website) are neither separate nor clearly marked.

The interior is lovely with lots of greenery, both real and fake. The plants are even on the walls! It’s a nice atmosphere. I went there with a fellow vegan friend for breakfast after a cycling event. I ordered an It’s Pearific frappe and the Vegan Waffle.


It’s Pearific Frappe

The frappe was quite nice. Well balanced, not too much ice and a nice hint of mint at the end.


The Vegan Waffles

The waffle were interesting. The waffle itself was made from a banana and walnut batter, which tasted lovely but made the waffle quite dense and heavy. The coconut sorbet had nice flavour and wasn’t too sweet but was icy. The chocolate sauce was more like a chocolate mouse. It tasted like a raw desert, had a slightly grainy texture and was in need of a little more sweetness. The grapefruit slices were under ripe and horribly sour. The mango cheeks tasted like they’d been stored incorrectly and had absorbed some random flavours. Strangely they reminded me a little of sushi.

Food: Overall quite tasty but let down by some bad elements. The frappe was good. 2.5/5

Setting: Not bad. Large but still cosy, lots of green. 4/5

Service: Average. Polite but minimal human contact. 3/5

Overall: Nothing special. I’ll go back to try another drink.
Argo on the Square on Urbanspoon

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