Restaurant: Cafe Chennai

Café Chennai is a Southern Indian restaurant in Prospect. The restaurant is a small skinny shop squished between a couple of other stores. The walls have a bunch of pictures mostly of British colonized India and in the front of the cafe is a vintage car. The menu consists of equal parts meat and veg dishes; with most of the vegetarian options being vegan. They also have a number of southern Indian dishes which are quite interesting. They also do quite a bit of gluten free. The first time I went here my table mates and I ordered a whole bunch of dishes and shared them.


Chilli Gobi (Cauliflower)

Despite the bright red color and the fact that it was ordered a hot this dish was not hot at all. It was very interesting; quite salty and a very interesting crunch texture. A few of the other people said that the cauliflower looked line strawberries. I’m not sure why the big rings of brown onion were on the plate as they’re not particularly edible.


Eggplant Curry, Mushroom Curry and Rice

Both curries were ordered mild but were still a bit too hot for me. (I’m a bit of a chilli wimp.) the mushroom curry was nice but could have used a few more mushrooms. The eggplant curry was fantastic; definitely my favorite thing on the menu. It was well spiced with nothing overpowering an the coconut cream was just right.

The vegetarian biryani was also very good as were the chapatis (not on the menu). The South Indian dishes were interesting but not my favorite. The pickle was nice but very salty and the coconut chutney was lovely.

Setting: Small but nice, can be a little noisy and the insense was a little overwhelming at first. 2.5/5

Food: Pretty good if a little to much chilli for my tongue. 4/5

Service: Table service is always good, bill splitting is better. 4/5

Overall: Now I’m not a huge fan of Indian food so I was pleasantly surprised by this place. A definite winner. 4/5

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