Restaurant: Home Grain Bakery

The Home Grain Bakery is located in the town of Aldinga, south of Adelaide. Run by a husband and wife team Home Grain would be a pretty standard country bakery if it were not for the vegan options. Some options are available at all times but Wednesdays are the day to go as they make extra vegan options. They are famous especially for their vegan vanilla slices, so with fingers crossed I hopped on 2 buses and a train to get me some lunch.

The bakery is located on the outskirts of Aldinga and it looks like a bit of a one horse town, however there is apparently more to it. The bakery itself was very busy and smelled very good. There were sadly no vegan vanilla slices available that day so I ordered a vegan sausage roll and a finger bun and was pleasantly surprised to be charged only $6.80.


Vegan sausage roll

The sausage roll was a disappointment. The filling was very wet, a bit like stew wrapped in pastry. It also had very little flavor and definitely needed the tomato sauce. Unfortunately the girl who served me seemed to think that 4 tiny spots of sauce was sufficient.


Finger bun

The finger bun was better. The icing had a nice flavor but was too sweet overpowering the bun. My solution? Eat the icing first! The bun itself has a god amount of fruit and had a nice flavor,

Food: Okay but not fantastic. 2.5/5

Setting: quaint country town, the bakery itself was nice but didn’t have enough seating. The bus ride had some nice sea views. 3/5

Service: Awkward. The girl who served me was unsure what items were vegan and offered to butter my bun for me. At least she realized her mistake and we laughed about it. 3/5

Overall: Nothing spectacular however I would go again if I was sure I could get a vegan vanilla slice! 3/5



Vanilla Slice

I got my vegan vanilla slice. It was disappointing.

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