Restaurant: Fair Espresso

So I was walking down James Place off Rundle Mall today looking for somewhere to have lunch and I spotted a sign. “Vegan Toastie $7.50.” Well okay then.

Fair Espresso started as a coffee cart for local events and recently has evolved into a small cafe in the Adelaide CBD. As the name suggests they serve fairtrade coffee. They also use organic produce wherever possible.

I ordered the vegan toastie and an iced long black for a total of $12! The server was very happy to tell me about the single origin coffee (yawn) but fortunately he didn’t go on about it too long.


Iced Long Black

The coffee, which despite my dining in was served in a take away container, was actually quite nice. I’m not a huge fan of black coffee and was quite sour upon first sip but after I added some natvia it tasted okay.


Vegan Toastie

The toastie was dark rye bread with caramelized onions, rocket and tomato. I love dark rye bread on toasties so I was thrilled when the dish came out. I was less thrilled when I discovered a little bit of melted cheese from some previous toastie stuck to the bread.

I was worried that the filling would be too sweet with out a salty element. It was sweet but not unbearably so. It was however rather peppery and not just from the rocket. Overall it was quite nice.

An alright meal at a good price but was spoiled by one thing. This:



This is painted on the wall near the back of the cafe, right where I was sitting. Other than being anatomically incorrect and downright creepy I feel that it rather calls into question the cafes vegan friendliness.

Food: Not bad but nothing spectacular. 2.5/5

Setting: Lots of wood and the usual fairtrade hipster decor. Would be quite nice if I wasn’t able to see a certain wall. 1/5

Service: Fine though the servers seemed unable to read the table numbers properly. 4/5

Overall: Between the cross contamination issues and the disturbing mutant cow painting this isn’t somewhere I would go again. 2/5

Fair Espresso on Urbanspoon


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