Restaurant: Dumpling King

So dumplings are a popular thing right now and I love them, always have. There’s a lot of dumpling shops around and all of them have at least one vegetarian dumpling option and more often than not the vegetarian dumplings are vegan. Yay!

Dumpling King has two stores in the Adelaide CBD; one on Moonta St in Chinatown and one on King William St. I prefer the King William store: less busy, better food.

It’s a pretty standard dumpling shop. Various meat and seafood based dumplings, a few soups, some sides and a whole bunch of stir fry dishes.


Fried shallot pancake

For a starter I ordered the fried shallot pancake. The pancake is straight out of the packet and sadly lacking in shallots (spring onions). The pastry had a good texture but was desperately in need of some salt.


Dumplings and dipping sauce

Next I had the vegetarian dumplings. You get 12 of these and a bowl to make your own dipping sauce out of the vinegar, soy sauce and chilli and fried shallot paste that’s on every table. Be warned the paste is spicy! But anyway back to the dumplings. Within the flower and water skin you’ve got chopped vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and chives (the ingredients are on a price of paper taped under the menu board in the King William store). They’re yum; you can really taste the mushroom and they have a good texture as well. The vegetarian dumplings I had at the Chinatown store were different. LOTS of garlic.

Food: Standard dumpling shop but the vegetarian dumplings are the best I’ve found so far. Plus you get a free pot of hot tea (only if you don’t order any other drinks). 4/5

Setting: Uninspiring. Plastic chairs, plain walls, minimal color. Can get quite busy at the Chinatown store but the King William location is usually pretty quiet. 1/5

Service: Not bad. Polite. Efficient. A little quiet. Flexible ordering: you can order and pay when you get there or you can sit down and order from a waiter and pay at the end. 4/5

Overall: Yummy dumplings and a good place if you want to eat out with your omni friends. 3/5

Dumpling King on Urbanspoon Dumpling King on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Restaurant: Dumpling King

  1. Fim says:

    Hey, cool post, just wondering if other items from the menu are vegan too? Such as the ‘Mixed vegetable in noodle soup’ or the ‘fried, sliced rice cake’? 🙂

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