Restaurant: Two-Bit Villains

Two-Bit Villains can be found in upstairs in Adelaide Arcade in Rundle Mall. It’s a 50’s style american food diner and soda bar that happens to be vegetarian with most items on the menu able to be made vegan and gluten free. It’s a small place and it can get quite busy during peak times.

Two-Bit’s main claim to fame is their homemade sodas. They have a wide range of flavors but only a selection is available on any given day. The soda is sweet, really sweet. If you want a soda with a bit of tang, don’t bother, however if you like your soda tasting like fairy floss go for it. They also serve some varieties of iced tea, see above comment on the sweetness of the sodas. My favorite of their beverages are the shakes. I have tried all but two flavors and I like them all. My favorite is the choc-peanut which uses crunchy peanut butter, thick, chunky and slightly salty; delicious. Sadly they feel the need to serve it jars.


Chocolate and peanut shake

As for the food its standard diner fare: burgers, fries, onion rings, etc. My favorite is the BLT: soy bacon, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese and way too much mayo. Comes with a side of either fries or onion rings and it’s always impossible to choose between the two. Maybe they should include a 1/2 and 1/2 option?


BLT with fries


Vege burger with onion rings

Food: Tasty but definitely a sometimes food. Sometimes the sides can be too salty. 4/5

Setting: Nice, the umbrellas are pretty and there’s usually interesting some art on the walls and if you get bored you can always browse the assortment of random rockabilly accessories for sale. The high stools are a bit annoying though. 3.5/5

Service: Not bad, has gotten better with the hiring of more staff. Friendly and professional. 4.5/5

Overall: If you’re looking for some fast food of the high salt, high fat and high sugar variety this your place. It’s essentially the vego’s McDonalds. 4/5

Two-Bit Villains on Urbanspoon

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