Restaurant: The Lake View, Ballarat

Over Chrismas I went back to my home town of Ballarat, Victoria for a little while. This was the first time I had been back since becoming vegan. While Ballarat isn’t hugely vegan friendly, which is surprising considering the huge university and arts communities, but it’s not too bad especially if you know where to look. Try the Ballarat Vegan facebook page for more info).

So my dad wanted to take me out for lunch so we went to the Lake View. We’d dined there before and it’s vegan friendly. The Lake View is, as the name suggests, is close to Lake Wendouree, which basically means they can charge more.

The Lake View is one of those upmarket pubs that would never use the word pub (they used to be called the Lake View Hotel but they renovated and re branded a few years ago.) The menu is a mish mash of lots of different  cuisines with a number of dishes available as vegan or gluten free upon request.

The dish I chose was the felafel salad. It was okay. The felafels were quite nice; moist and tasty. The salad itself had way too much raw onion and was only lightly dressed with vinegar. The vegan version didn’t have the brie (an odd pairing with felefels anyway) and the sweet chilli and avocado dip, therefore it had no creamy element, maybe some cut up avocado could be added to the vegan option?


Felafel salad

Food: Pretty average, a little more thought, care and attention wouldn’t go astray. 3/5

Setting: Standard modern chic, complete with the obligatory bright red coffee machine. Quite noisy when full as they really pack the patrons in. 3/5

Service: A bit odd, I think they’re going for efficient but it’s a tad uncomfortable. 3/5

Overall: Dad and I had been here a few times and each time it’s been the same, average food that’s not worth the price. 3/5

Lake View Hotel on Urbanspoon


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