Restaurant: Creperie Bruxelles

If you’re a regular to Adelaide events you’ve probably seen the guys that sell the stall that sells poffertjes (mini dutch pancakes) or a cart that offers homemade lemonade.Well those guys have their own store. Creperie Bruelles is on Henley Beach Road in Mile End, close to the city. They serve crepes, waffles and pancakes and most things on the menu can be made vegan, including the ham, cheese and tomato crepe. They also provide gluten free options.

To start I had a peach iced tea which was nice and I like the addition of the mint leaves. You can see from the photo below that I’d drunk quite a bit of it before I remembered to take the photo (you can also see how bad I am at photography).


Peach iced tea


Banana and salted caramel crepes

For main I ordered the banana crepes with salted caramel sauce and soy cream. The crepes were nice, the salted caramel was good and the soy cream was amazing. Grace, the owner of Bliss Organic Cafe, was also impressed by the soy cream. The icing sugar sprinkle annoyed me and I felt it was unnecessary. A good dish but it took ages to come out, far longer than anyone else on my table.

I also had a taste of the ham, cheese and tomato crepe and it was quite nice.

Food: Yummy, with a good range of flavors and I love how many vegan options there are. 4/5

Setting: Small, noisy and very echo-y. However I believe they may be about to extend into the shop next door. 2/5

Service: Not great. While they were very polite and accommodating to our having a few more people than we booked for. Unfortunately they made several mistakes with our orders and a few were late coming out. They were efficient and helpful in fixing these issues, but as one of these mistakes involved a food allergy it’s a bit of a problem. 2/5

Overall: Great food but definitely some issues that need fixing. 3/5

Creperie Bruxelles on Urbanspoon

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