Restaurant: Sarah’s Sisters Sustainable Cafe

Sarah’s Sisters is a small vegetarian cafe in the seaside suburb of Semephore. I went there on a whim with my omnivore mum who was visiting from Victoria. We had a hard time finding the place even with the exact address and a GPS. It’s a tiny place wedged between a physio and a garden centre. The main dining area is beautiful as it backs onto theĀ garden centre, right near the water features. Bliss.

The cafe itself is rather eccentric. Mismatched chair and tables, random art (some for sale, some not) and many strange things hanging from the ceiling.


Random stuff hanging from the ceiling

The menu is handwritten, and hard to read. There aren’t many vegan options which was a disappointment.

Mum got the mushroom filo with salad, which is vegetarian. She said it was “yummy”, “hot”, the salad was “vinegary” and that it couldn’t done without the cream sauce.


Mushroom filo with salad

I had the mushroom baguette (vegan version). The mushrooms were surprisingly cold, obviously having been cooked then refrigerated. The chutney was very sweet and all located in the corner of the bun. The salt seems to have been forgotten until the last minute as it was all on top of the lettuce.


Mushroom baguette

Food: Average. It tasted fine but it’s nothing to write home about. On a side not I was disappointed to find that none of the desserts at the cash register were vegan. 2/5

Setting: Lovely. 4.5/5

Service: Good, quiet and unfortunately a little bit creepy. I think the owner (?) was going for attentive but due to his social awkwardness it just came over as uncomfortable. 1/5

Overall: Fantastic setting, once you find the place, but not somewhere I would go out of my way to return to. 2/5

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