Restaurant: Zambrero


Good news everybody!

Zambrero is a Mexican style franchise restaurant with 2 stores in Adelaide and a several others  in most states in Australia. So why am I talking about it on here. Zambrero has recently made all of their vegetarian options vegan friendly.

This is a great move on their part but not particularly surprising as Zambrero is known for a certain ethical view. They are partnered with an organisation called Stop Hunger Now in a program called Plate For Plate (P4P). Essentially for every plate of food sold at any franchise Zambrero donates one plate of “high protein, high vitamin meals that help strengthen people suffering malnutrition.”


Awful photo of a burrito

So anyway back to the vegan food. I eat here every few weeks because with the weirdness of Adelaide’s business opening hours it is generally the only good vegan option late night on a weekday or on a Sunday. I so far have only had the burrito, but that’s because it’s pretty awesome.

The burrito is a mix of rice, some bean puree, guacamole and whatever salad and sauce you want all encased in a tortilla. It’s good. Personally I don’t think they put enough beans on, even when you pay the extra dollar for double beans and rice. Unlike a few of the other Mexican franchises the beans ad rice actually have flavor! The burrito can be a little doughy but I like it that way. I don’t like the fact that they put coriander in the tomato salsa, but that’s just my personal preference.


The filling

Food: Good stuff. A few different choices that can be made vegan and the staff know what is and isn’t vegan. 4/5

Setting: Noisy. Very loud music, often rock or metal, depending on which employee is in charge of the iPod. Depending of what time of day you go is can be quite dirty as the tables haven’t been cleaned or even cleared. Plastic chairs, plain décor with a few splashes of color. Kind of like a McDonalds. 2/5

Service: They seem to know their product well and I have been given good advice on the vegan / vegetarian options; including one employee identifying me as a vegan from my topping choices and helping me with my sauce choice. I have also been asked whether or not i minded my burrito being made at the same time as someone else meat option. However it can also depend on who you get. Some employees have a different idea of how much rice and beans go in a burrito and most seem to forget the crushed up corn chips exist. 4/5

Overall: A good option for a quick dinner, tasty food and it’s open late night! 4/5

Zambrero Hindley on Urbanspoon

Zambrero Rundle on Urbanspoon

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