Product: Vege Deli Quarter Pounders

Vege Deli is one of the many brands made by the Redwood company, better known for their range of Cheezly cheese substitutes and their Cheatin’ “bacon” slices. Vege Deli is Redwood’s gourmet label so I was expecting something special.




The burger (frozen)

They can be a little on the expensive side so I haven’t tried them before. I managed to pick up a pack of these on discount last week and I’ve just cooked one of them up.

Texture: Perfect. Crumbly and just like real ground beef. Looks like it too. 5/5

Flavor: Disappointing. The burger tasted okay by itself, but nothing special. Mild flavor, a vague beefiness. When put with other flavors however the burger completely disappears. Which is particularly surprising given how large the burger is. 1/5


My food styling is terrible

Overall: Mock meats are often a choice between realistic texture and realistic flavor and the quarter pounders have definitely gone down the texture route. For the price they are they’re just not worth it. I wouldn’t buy these again. 2/5

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