Restaurant: The Mac Factory

Please note: The Mac Factory is not currently serving breakfast. They are however doing a dessert night. Check out their website for more details.

The Mac Factory is a hidden gem above a post office in Hutt St, Adelaide. The Factory is a cute little place, it’s very colorful, with a bit of a Willy Wonka style whimsy. There’s an abundance of green, with both plastic and real plants mixed together. The Factory has limited indoor seating and a bit more outside, which is great in the current warm weather. The Factory also houses a cookbook shop called the Book Nook which is good for a quick browse.


The outside

As the name suggests the Factory’s primary business is macarons, which sadly aren’t vegan, though I have heard that they are working on a vegan version (fingers crossed). The Mac Factory also does coffee, smoothies, cakes and slices (with vegan and gluten free options), but it’s the weekends where things really get awesome. From 8am until 3pm the Factory serves breakfast. All vegetarian fare with some vegan and gluten free options. Sadly none of the savory options, all being egg based, are not vegan. But that doesn’t matter so much as the 2 vegan options (it’s a small menu) are amazing!


Chocolate pancakes with peanut butter sorbet and berries

The photo above is from my first visit. Chocolate pancakes with peanut butter sorbet. The chocolate pancakes have recently been replaced with banana, the toppings are however the same. The pancakes were lovely, the sorbet was amazing, the fruit was fresh, but the chocolate sauce, now removed from the dish, was too rich and unnecessary.


Waffles with berries and coconut sorbet

Today’s offering was waffles with raspberries and coconut sorbet (which are not current;y on the menu posted on the Factory’s website for some reason). The waffles were nice and fluffy and tasted nice. The sorbet tasted nice but got lost with the other flavors. Maybe is there was more of it? The raspberries were lovely. sweet and tart they cut through the ultra sweetness of the dish fantastically. On a side note the soy flat white I ordered with my waffles was okay but not fantastic and far too small.

Food: Yummy, decadent, shame about the lack of vegan savory options. 4/5

Setting: Cute but small. 4/5

Service: For some reason I can’t help but feel a bit intimidated when I first walk into this place and when ordering. No idea why. 2/5

Overall: If it’s the weekend and you feel the need to have dessert for breakfast or lunch got to the Mac Factory. 4/5

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