Product: Sheese

Sheese is a range of vegan cheese substitute made by Scottish company Bute Island Foods. Their products are not easily available in Australia and can be a tad expensive but they can be worth it. In Adelaide you can find them at Everything Vegan and a couple of Foodland supermarkets (I’ve seen them at Henley Beach and Norwood.)

So far I’ve only tried two products one good, one not so good.

The good: Blue Style Sheese.

download (2)

The packaging

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product having had some bad experiences with cheese substitutes previously. I chose blue style because I assumed it would have a stronger flavor. I certainly didn’t expect it to actually taste like blue cheese!

Sold as a melty cheese but as I never actually tried to melt it I can’t comment on this claim I’ll let you know. You don’t need much to make an impact and it lasts in the fridge. Can also be frozen, though this will effect the texture.


The cheese

Texture: Smooth and hard, but crumbles when you cut it, which can be slightly annoying. 3/5

Flavor: Tastes like blue cheese. Not over powering. Has a soy aftertaste, but that’s only noticeable if you’re eating it by itself and it’s not too bad anyway. 4/5

Overall: Very good! A perfect cheese for sandwiches. 4/5

The not so good: Original Creamy Sheese.


Cream cheese package

Finding a good vegan cream cheese can be hard. After my great experience with the blue style Sheese I was expecting great things from this product and was sorely disappointed. At first opening it was struck with a scent that reminded me strongly of cheap caramel lollies. Not a good start.

Texture: Smooth-ish, a tad gritty. 3/5

Flavor: Has some cheesy flavor, but is over powered by the sweetness. The caramel smell continues into a slight flavor. Not great for sandwiches or by itself May be good for desserts, but at the price, why bother. 1/5

Overall: Not good. I wouldn’t bother buying it again. I may in the future try one of the other flavors in Sheese’s creamy range, but I’m not hopeful for a better outcome. A real letdown after their success with hard cheese’s. 2/5


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