Product: Lamyong Vegan Fishball

Lamyong is an Asian brand who make many vegetarian and vegan fake meat products. They are based in Sydney, Australia.


The packet


The ball

So I tried the vegan fishball a few days ago and it was okay. The first time I used it I placed them in my soup whole. This was a mistake. The second time I cut the fishball into slices and this was much better. On a side note, due to the texture of the product, they can be easily cut up straight from the freezer.

Texture: Smooth with a bit of bite. When eaten whole not entirely pleasant. 2/5

Flavor: Sweet, mild flavor that has no connection with any fish whatsoever. So basically it tastes like a regular fishball. There is however a bit of soy aftertaste which like the texture is better when chopped into smaller pieces. 3/5

Overall: Not great, but not terrible. Not something I would usually eat anyway but I’d have it again. 3/5

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